Get Free Legal Quotes.  Upfront Pricing.

1. Post a Request

Tell us about your legal needs, post your request and start receiving proposals from qualified attorneys available to help you – all for free!


2. Receive Free Quotes

Attorneys respond with transparent and up-front pricing. You can also view detailed information about each attorney (including user ratings) to help you pick an attorney that best meets your needs.


3. Engage and Pay

Once you find an attorney you like, we make it easy to engage and pay. You only pay for fixed-price tasks that you pre-approve or by the minute for phone calls. No more worrying about billing surprises!


What does it cost me to use Should I Sign?

It is 100% free to post a request and review attorney proposals.  Should I Sign does not charge any extra fees and you only pay what an attorney charges you.

What types of services can I obtain through Should I Sign?

Individuals and business use Should I Sign to obtain two core types of services from attorneys:

– Pay-per-minute phone consultations
– Fixed price legal tasks (e.g. document review or document preparation).

With all engagements on Should I Sign, it is free and easy for you and your lawyer to send private messages and securely share documents with each other.

How and when do I pay for phone consultations?

For live phone consultations (other than for free consultations offered by an attorney), you will be charged by the minute at the proposed per minute rate upon the completion of each phone call.  We accurately track the length of each call so you will not be charged for a minute more than the actual time spent on the call.  We also provide automated missed call notifications on your behalf and do not bill you for calls that are less than two minutes (since we realize phone tag is a real game!).

How and when do I pay for fixed price tasks?

For fixed price tasks (e.g. document review or document preparation), you pay at the time you approve a fixed price task proposed by an attorney.  However, we do not disburse any funds to the attorney until the agreed upon task is satisfactorily completed.

Once an attorney completes a task, can I have the same attorney do additional work?

If any additional tasks are required for a particular engagement, you and your attorney can easily communicate about and agree to additional tasks.  Each additional task proposed by an attorney will include transparent and up-front pricing for you to approve before any work begins or payment is made.

What if I am not satisfied with a task completed by an attorney?
Once an attorney completes a task, we will notify you.  If you are not satisfied with the attorney’s work, you will have an opportunity to provide feedback after which the attorney can respond with a resolution.  We facilitate open communication and will be right by your side the whole way to ensure you always have a pleasant experience through Should I Sign.