Get More Clients.  Grow Your Practice.

Made By Attorneys For Attorneys

– Get more clients (with an active legal need)
– Reduce marketing costs
– Streamline time tracking and billing
– Eliminate collection risks

1. Join Our Network

Get started by completing an application to join our Member Lawyer Network (see our FAQ section below for minimum qualifications). Once your application is received, we may schedule a 30-minute interview to better understand your experience, client base and whether you are an overall fit for our Member Lawyer Network.


2. Receive Free Client Requests

You will start to receive relevant client requests for free if you are accepted to our Member Lawyer Network. There is no cost to you until you decide to respond to a client request.


3. Get Hired and Paid

If a client chooses you, we make it easy for you to get hired and paid so that you can focus on doing what you do best – practice law!



What are the minimum qualifications for your Member Lawyer Network?

In order to be considered for the Should I Sign Member Lawyer Network, an attorney must (at the very least):

– Have 5 years of experience
– Maintain malpractice insurance
– Be admitted and in good standing
– Be a graduate of an accredited law school.

What types of services can I provide through Should I Sign?

Lawyers use Should I Sign to provide two core types of services to individuals and business:

– live phone consultations
– fixed price legal tasks (e.g. document review or document preparation)

With all engagements on Should I Sign, it is free and easy for you and your client to send private messages and securely share documents with each other.

What does it cost a lawyer to use Should I Sign?

For attorneys, it is 100% free to apply to join our Member Lawyer Network and, if accepted, to receive requests from individuals and businesses with active legal needs.  If you decide to pursue a request, you will be charged a small fee to submit your proposal.  For billable phone consultations completed through Should I Sign, you will be charged a small per minute technology fee.  For all fixed-priced tasks completed for a client, you will be charged a small technology fee.

How and when will I get paid?

For billable phone consultations, you will earn fees at your proposed per minute rate (net of our per minute technology fee and applicable credit card processing fees).  We accurately track the length of each call and automatically charge your client accordingly.  We also provide automated missed call notifications on your behalf and do not bill your clients for calls that are less than two minutes (since we realize phone tag is a real game!).

For each task satisfactorily completed, you will earn fees in the amount of the fixed price you proposed for such task (net of our technology fee and applicable credit card processing fees).

All fees earned through Should I Sign for calls and tasks will be paid out to your bank account via ACH debit on a monthly basis.

How does the conflicts process work through Should I Sign?

With each request, prospective clients are required to identify themselves and their counterparties (if any).  On the receiving end, attorneys will be able to see this information up front in order to be able to clear conflicts before submitting a proposal.  Any documents or additional information provided by the prospective client relating to his/her legal situation should not be reviewed by the attorney until he has made a determination that conflicts have been cleared.

Am I responsible for providing an engagement letter?
An attorney who provides services through Should I Sign should make his or her own determination as to whether an engagement letter shall be required for a particular engagement (both from a policy perspective and under applicable state rules governing an attorney’s conduct).  We make it simple and easy to upload an engagement letter for your client to review and execute.