Our Mission

Too often, individuals and businesses do not engage attorneys when they should because of the time commitment associated with finding reliable legal counsel and the uncertainty of costs involved.  This often results in foregone legal advice entirely and decision making without a full understanding of the potential legal implications.

Our mission at Should I Sign is to create a better solution that helps individuals and businesses with legal needs find qualified attorneys in a transparent environment that provides price certainty, accurate billing, improved communication and centralized document/records management.  Should I Sign was founded by attorneys with over 10 years of combined legal experience at leading law firms.  We have seen first hand the implications of signing contracts and making legal decisions without the advice and guidance of qualified counsel and have made it our mission to help.  The company is currently based in New York, NY.

Why Do We Call Ourselves Should I Sign?

Quite simply, “Should I Sign?” was the first question we were routinely asked by our clients when faced with legal documents.  As trained lawyers, we knew what we were really being asked was two-fold: “What should I be concerned about (i.e. what are the potential risks)?” and “How do I get them resolved?”

In effectively addressing those questions, we gave our clients peace of mind.  They were protected and could get on with the business at hand.  So in short, with the help of pre-vetted attorneys, we view ShouldiSign.com as the place to give you peace of mind when you are faced with legal needs and challenges. Learn more about how it works.